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Registration for the 2022 Safe Harbour Panel

  1. 2022 Safe Harbour Panel Registration

    Guest Speakers:

    Ahlea Howard, International Institute of Buffalo

    Dave Zamorek, Erie County Sheriff's Office

    Julie Palmer, PATH Enrichment Center Executive Director & Founder

    Michael Hockwater, Buffalo FBI, Child Exploitation Task Force Detective

    Lauren Berger, Restore Sexual Assault Services

    Patricia Calleri, Homeland Security Investigator

    Salka Valerio, Human Trafficking Advocate/ Survivor

  2. General Information

    Please fill out form entirely to be registered to the Wyoming County's 2022 Safe Harbour Panel.

    Where: Perry High School

                 33 Watkins Ave.

                  Perry, NY 14530

    When: Friday, January 28, 2022

                Doors open at 8:30 am

                 Panel starts at 9:00 am 

  3. Breakout: After the panel, the Youth Bureau will be offering breakout sessions. Select which you would like to attend. **Optional**
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