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2022 Free Youth Summer Calendar-Online Registration

  1. Stars of Tomorrow Free Summer Calendar

    All registration must be received by the Wyoming County Youth Bureau by FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2022. Online registration does not guarantee entry into a program. All participants will be notified of accepted entries through a confirmation letter. Confirmation letters will be mailed out to you by the end of June with accepted program details. If you have not heard from us by Friday, July 1, 2022, please call Leah at the Youth Bureau at 585-786-8850 ext. 3.

    NOTE: Please bring your confirmation letters with you to events in case there is any questions regarding registration entry.

    Rules for Participation

    (Calendars are subject to change)

    1. Cancellations must be 48 hours (two business days) in advance.
    2. Two No-Shows without notifications will result in your child being removed from the summer program. Note: Please understand we have waiting list for events and it is unfair to another child that may want to attend.
    3. All activities are free for youth, ages 0-21; however, any extras (money for drink, souvenir's, snacks, etc.) are at your discretion and are your child's responsibility. 
    4. Must be a Wyoming County Resident.
    5. Some programs have special instructions, such as footwear requirements, and if your child needs to bring a particular item to the program with them. Special instructions can be found on the physical calendar or on the PDF copy under each programs description.

    To register for youth summer activities, please complete the registration information below. Please use one section of the form for each child. This form can be used for three children. Please use an additional electronic form for any additional children. Any questions regarding programs or registration, please call Leah at the Youth Bureau at 585-786-8850 ext. 3.

  2. Parent/Guardian Information
  3. Youth Information
  4. Please provide first and last name

  5. Month/Date/Year

  6. Child One Registration

    Please check all the programs you would like to register child one for.

  7. Please provide first and last name.

  8. Month/Date/Year

  9. Child Two's Registration

    Please check all the programs you would like to register child two for.

  10. Please provide first and last name.

  11. Month/Date/Year

  12. Child Three's Registration

    Please check all of the programs you would like to register child three for.

  13. Permission Statement

    I give my permission for above to participate in the Stars of Tomorrow Activities.  I acknowledge that participation in this program may involve the risk of injury, and I assume this risk.  In consideration of this possibility, I hereby consent to emergency transportation and treatment necessary in the event of illness or injury.  I hereby accept responsibility for the payment of any emergency transportation or treatment. This program may involve physical activity, and I further acknowledge that the above is fully capable of performing the activities required.

    In addition, I agree to release and hold Wyoming County harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, claims, or actions (including costs and attorney fees) for bodily injury and/or property damage, to the extent permissible by law, arising out of participation in this program.

  14. Photo Permission
  15. Please write your name in the space provided above. 

  16. Emergency Contacts

    Emergency contacts while child is at activity:   (This may be your own phone number or someone else that can be reached while the child is at the activity.)                                        

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