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Water Meter Replacement Program Survey

  1. 2020 WCWRA Meter Replacement Program Survey
    The WCWRA is starting to gather the necessary data needed for our NYS DOS Local Efficiency Grant application. Please complete the following survey to ensure we have the most recent data on your water system. If seperate individuals are needed to complete this process, multiple surveys can be completed with each person answering the information they know. After completing the survey please click on the Submit button located at the bottom of the page.
  2. Are there service connections that do not have water meters?*
  3. Do you currently read the water meters manually?*
  4. If NO, do you currently use electronic meter reading software?*
  5. Size of the water meters in your system and how many?
  6. Would you want all of the meters replaced as part of the water meter replacement program?*
  7. As part of this program would you be interested in having the WCWRA conduct your billing?*
  8. Does the total amount of water billed to your customers match the amount of water produced by the water system for the billing period?*
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