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Violation of Support Application


  1. 1. Cover
  2. 2. Hearing Questions
  3. 3. Family Court and Criminal Court Financial Form
  4. 4. Income Worksheet
  5. 5. Other Assets: MUST BE COMPLETED
  • Cover

    1. color seal CountyS
    2. Wyoming County Public Defender
      18 Linwood Avenue
      Warsaw, New York 14569
      (585) 786-8450
    3. Enclosed please find paperwork that you must complete to apply for the Wyoming County Public Defenders Office. Please return the paperwork, proof of your income, and a copy of your criminal charges, Family Court petition, or Violation of Support petition, whichever is applicable.
    4. Contact the Public Defender's Office 3 days after submitting your application to make sure it was received.
    5. Sincerely,

      Public Defender Office
      Wyoming County