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Driveway Permit Application

  1. County Seal (color)
  2. Wyoming County Highway Department

         4328 State Route 19, Silver Springs, NY 14550

         Phone (585)786-8955        Fax (585)786-3297

                       Devin Blue - Superintendent

  3. Driveway Pipe Installation Policy

    1. Permit applicants will supply their own pipe - either corrugated polyethylene or metal suitable for highway use.

    ---- PLEASE NOTE: Wyoming County does not install the driveway pipe(s). ----

    2. Pipe cannot be water heaters or boiler pipes or anything substandard.

    3. Pipes must have at least 12" of coverage over them whenever possible to prevent crushing of pipe. If the existing ditch is not deep enough when it is checked out by pipe foreman, then the permit applicant will be notified and the County will clean out the ditch before installation to accommodate the pipe.

    4. All pipes must have end sections.

    5. If more than 20 feet of pipe is used for installation, all connections must have proper banding and shall not be laid end to end.

    6. Pipes must have suitable back-fill material (gravel, crushed stone, etc.) and should be put in and tamped in the proper manner.

    7. Please allow a minimum of two (2) weeks for information to be checked and approved.

    8.  Please stake proposed driveway location or clearly mark in some way.

  4. 9. Be sure to submit application for review using the 'SUBMIT' button or the 'SUBMIT AND PRINT' button at the end of this form.

  5. There is a fee of $25.00 - payable to Wyoming County Highway Department.
  6. (if known)
  7. Which side of highway*
  8. (if possible)
  9. Can be a nearby utility pole number or adjacent property owners or intersecting roads.
  10. Proposed driveway location is staked or marked?*
    Proposed driveway location must be staked or marked in some way.
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  12. Note: Form may be printed and mailed to our offices at Wyoming County Highway Department: 4328 State Route 19, Silver Springs, NY 14550 with appropriate payment fee.
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