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Schedule A: Documented Water Use Form

  1. County Seal (color)
  2. Wyoming County Health Department
    Environmental Division
    5362 Mungers Mill Road, Silver Springs, NY 14550
    Telephone 585-786-8894
    Schedule A: Documented Water Use Form
  3. Definition: The following Procedure is not required but can be done by request in advance, for eligible properties that are vacant on the day of inspection. This may avoid dying after occupancy.
    **The Wyoming County Health Department must receive the completed "Application for Simulated Occupancy for Property Transfers" form before the appointment will be scheduled.
  4. Procedure:
    1. Water must be introduced into the septic system at a rate of 110 gallons per bedroom (i.e. 2 bedroom home - 220 gallons, 3 bedroom home - 330 gallons, etc.) each day for seven days after the dye is placed in the system.
    2. Document water usage on this form by either timing water flow, meter reading usage or bulk tank discharge. Time of day water is run must be recorded on chart below
    3. This water must be discharged into the septic system (Septic Tank). Since some wells are sensitive to continuous flow the daily amount may have to be done by running water for short periods of time throughout the day. This office cautions that placing large volumes of water into the system over verry short time periods may be detrimental to the system.
    4. Submitt the documented water usage form.

    *Inspector may require further inspection, excavation, or re-dying of the septic system in order to state that the system appears to be functioning satisfactorily.
  5. Method of Water Discharge
    One method for determining flow for Timed Flow Method: Turn on faucet(s) to desired level, then record the time it takes to fill up a gallon container. Gal per Min = 60 / (number of seconds it takes to fill a one gallon container)
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