Wyoming County Public Defender

The Public Defender’s Office represents individuals in Family and Criminal courts in Wyoming County who cannot afford to hire an attorney. In criminal courts, attorneys represent defendants charged with violations, misdemeanors, and felonies, including vehicle and traffic law offenses. In Family Court, attorneys represent individuals involved in custody, visitation, abuse/neglect, violation of support, and paternity matters. The Office also represents individuals on appeals of related criminal and family court dispositions, and may be assigned to represent individuals on related post-conviction matters.

Assistant Public Defenders:

  • Norman Effman
  • Mark Adrian
  • Marshall Kelly
  • Michael Manusia
  • Fares Rumi

Support Staff: 

The support staff of the Public Defender’s Office includes a Secretary to the Public Defender, two Secretaries, Data Manager, Investigator, and a Social Worker. They are often the first contact with clients and remain an important line of communication for clients throughout their representation. The investigator interviews clients, determines financial eligibility, and assists attorneys in finding further information, as needed. Our Social Worker assesses clients’ issues such as substance abuse, physical or mental health, housing, etc., and assists attorneys in matching clients with appropriate resources to address their needs. Attorneys and support staff work together to fulfill the office’s mission of providing quality mandated representation.


To be represented by the Public Defender’s Office, clients must financially qualify based on federal and state guidelines. Please return the application, proof of your income, and a copy of your criminal charges, Family Court petition, or Violation of Support petition, whichever is applicable. You can obtain an application for representation by coming to our office or by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Application Links:

Family Court Application

Criminal Court Application

Violation of Support Application