Project Assistance

Partnering with municipal water systems to provide assistance on future water and wastewater projects!

This may be for health and safety issues or for potential, and current, economic growth. The WCWRA is working with the local water suppliers to encourage this expansion and assist with system upgrades if needed. Additionally:

  • As part of the long range planning, additional sources of water are currently being explored to help ensure Wyoming County has the water needed to provide for this increased use. This may also include the creation of new water/sewer districts at the town or county level.
  • Continue working with our communities to encourage joint municipal services/agreements to provide cost savings and help to ensure the continued viability of their respective water and wastewater systems.

Provide assistance in developing an Operation and Maintenance Program!

This may include, but is not limited to, watershed and /or wellhead protection, water rate analysis, developing a drought and water conservation plan or distribution system valve exercising and flushing program.

Click here for more information on our current Project Opportunity Listing.