Explorer Post

Program Operations

The Explorers pay dues to the Boy Scouts of America, which also covers their insurance. They also purchase their own uniforms through private money as well as fund raising events. They meet monthly at the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office using established bylaws and officers to discuss financial reports along with new and old business. The Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post is currently accepting applications from youth ranging from 14 years of age up to 21 years of age. An application can be retrieved at the Sheriff’s Office or through current Explorer members. The applicant must be in good standing with the law, education and must be a resident of Wyoming County.

Event Planning

The Explorer Post is responsible for miscellaneous events such as the Wyoming County Fair. During monthly “ride alongs,” Explorers obtain useful skills through hands on activities, which help Deputies through their daily routine. Explorers also complete training at the monthly meetings such as law enforcement techniques, drug awareness, and public safety. The Communications Division provides training into answering and using the 911 emergency call center. The Jail Division offers training in processing arrests and facility security. While attending the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office Explorer program, training can also be held off site at various agencies and facilities related to law enforcement.

Explorers Become Officers

The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office Explorer program offers our youth a vast knowledge of criminal justice that will open opportunities to future employment in law enforcement. It has been rewarding to see Explorers from the program enter into distinguished careers as:

  • Armed Forces
  • Correction Officers
  • Deputy Sheriffs
  • Emergency Dispatchers
  • Immigration Officers
  • Police Officers