Incarcerated individual Mail & Packages

Mailing Items to an Incarcerated Individual

Certain basic necessities can be mailed to incarcerated individuals that are confined in the Wyoming County Jail. All incoming mail and packages are subject to be searched by correctional staff.

The following are the only items that an incarcerated individual may receive through the United States Mail, Federal Express, and UPS:

  • 2 Pair White Socks*
  • 2 White Tee-Shirts*
  • 2 White Underwear*
  • Cash, Bank Certified Checks, Money Orders
  • Clothes for Court, and Legal Paperwork
  • Pictures (No Polaroids)
  • Recreational Clothes**
  • Religious Medallions

Any package sent to this facility is subject to search and seizure procedures as provided for under section 7025.4 of the State Commission of Corrections Minimum Standards.

*Any clothing item(s) mailed to the facility must be white.

**In reference to the recreation clothes, we will allow any solid color. The sweatshirt may be long or short sleeved but must not have a hood or pockets of any kind. The Wyoming County Jail will not be responsible for these items.

**Clothing items will not have hoods, zippers, pockets or drawstrings. Clothing Items will not have any writing, logos or decals on them.

Purchases & Unauthorized Items

Stationary and personal hygiene products must be purchased from commissary. Any item that is mailed to the facility and is not authorized by the facility will be required to be mailed out at the incarcerated individual’s expense, or can be sent out on a visit.