Jail Division

Sheriff’s Badge

History & Staffing

The Wyoming County Jail was completed and occupied on January 6th of 1992, and the jail is one of five divisions found under the direction of the Sheriff. The jail is run by the Jail Administrator, Michael Horton.  There are four shift sergeants, twenty-eight full time correction officers, and nine part-time correction officers who are responsible for the safe and secure operation of the Wyoming County Jail.

Control room at the jailInmate Population & Services

The Wyoming County Jail holds 81 incarcerated individuals, males and females, both sentenced and pre-sentenced. Every incarcerated individual has been ordered to the jail by a Judge or Justice. There are no police holds. The Jail provides many different services for its incarcerated individual population including:

  • Commissary
  • Educational opportunities
  • Library - both Legal and general
  • Life skill programs
  • Medical services
  • Mental Health services
  • Visitation
  • Work programs
  • Chaplain