Board of Elections

The election results contained in this website are an Official Tally of Election Results prepared in accordance with Section 9-126 of the New York State Election Law.

Unofficial Tallies

Due to multiple transcription of voting machine numbers involved in preparing the unofficial tally, all results are subject to error. Furthermore, in accordance with Section 8-142 of the New York State Election Law, some of the absentee votes may not be available for inclusion in the unofficial tally.


On election night, one or more election districts may not report their results. In addition, some reports may include errors which can not be resolved election night. Official election results will be compiled and made available by the Wyoming County Board of Elections in accordance with Section 9-214 of the New York State Election Law no later than twenty-five (25) days after the election.

Election Inspectors Wanted

The Wyoming County Board of Elections is looking for people interested in being Election inspectors. Inspectors will be needed for early voting hours, Primaries and General Elections. Inspectors are well compensated for their time. No prior experience necessary, (PAID TRAINING). If you are interested in becoming an election inspector please call the Board of Elections office at (585)786-8931.

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