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Divisible Load Permit Application

  1. County Seal (color)

  2. Wyoming County Highway Department

    4328 State Route 19, Silver Springs, NY 14550
    Todd Gadd - Superintendent of Highway
    Phone (585)786-8955
    Fax (585)786-3297

  3. By electronically signing this form you agree to this authorization.

  4. Please include a copy of each truck's registration and NYSDOT Divisible Load Permit.

    Please note that this permit will expire at the same time that the NYSDOT Divisible Load Permit expires.

    COST: $25.00 per permit prior to issuing Divisible Load Permit. Make check payable to Wyoming County Highway Department.

  5. Note: Form may be printed and mailed to our offices at Wyoming County Highway Department: 4328 State Route 19, Silver Springs, NY 14550 with appropriate payment fee.

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