Planning & Development

The Wyoming County Department of Planning and Development (PD) functions to improve the quality of life for all County residents by coordinating two extremely important functions of County Government - planning and economic development. Although sometimes thought of as separate departments, in practice they often overlap.

Curbside Collection - Waste Management

Due to the suspension of garbage service last Friday, November 18th, totes will be picked up one day late on Saturday, November 26th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  It is understood this may result in additional trash.   To accommodate this weather inconvenience, please be aware that you will be allowed to place three extra bags outside of the tote if necessary.  This only applies to those residents affected by the weather last Friday.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!    Have a happy holiday!

Just a reminder to any residents that have a normal pickup day of Thursday, your service will be one day late due to Thanksgiving.

WM Residential Garbage Tote Image

Curbside Collection Service Map


Genesee Finger Lakes Clean Energy Communities Virtual 9 County-Hosted Training Event

The GFLPC is organizing training sessions relating the following:GFLRPC Logo

  1. PV Permitting and Inspecting 
  2. Overview of the Model Solar Energy Law
  3. Clean Energy and Comprehensive Plan 
  4. Overview of the Model Batter Energy Storage Law
  5. Battery Energy Storage for First Responders

These training sessions will have the latest and greatest information on solar/clean energy. These sessions benefit ZEOs, Planning Boards, and Town Board members. 

Wyoming County will be awarded CEC points applicable for future grants if there is a representation of at least ten towns represented at each of these events. 

Genesee Finger Lakes Clean Energy Communities Virtual 9 County-Hosted Training Event Flyer

TO REGISTER CLICK HERE:  Registration Link for Clean Energy Communities Virtual 9 County-Hosted Training Event

Demographic Reporting

To better understand Wyoming County, please take a look at our Demographic Reports.